Friday, January 6, 2017

Unfinished Business: Nervous Triggers - Demo 2016

Continuing my series of posts on releases I should have reviewed in 2016, we come to a write-up that I've had sitting on the back burner for months. 2016 was a great year for hot demos from new punk rock bands (e.g. Sore Points, Grit, The Vitamens). And Nervous Triggers were definitely part of that elite group. What really sets the band apart is the exceptional quality of its lyrics - which can largely be attributed to the extensive musical and life experience these four pals from the Jersey shore bring to the table. These fellas have been slugging it out in the New Jersey punk and hardcore scenes for years - with members having played in such bands as $H!TFiT, Teen Wolves, The Insults, brick mower, Secretary Legs, Black Wine, Hunchback, Psyched To Die, Backpocket, and Sun Puddles. The band name is a reference to a lyric in the Clash song "Groovy Times", and so it's no surprise that Nervous Triggers have a lot to say about government, society, and how our individual struggles fit into the equation. Given how corny and cliched most "political" punk music ends up being, it's a pleasant surprise to hear a band express these types of ideas with such intelligence, insight, and intense conviction. It might be lazy journalism to suggest checking out Nervous Triggers if you like Night Birds. But unquestionably, these two bands share extensive spiritual DNA. Head on over to the group's Bandcamp page where you can stream the entire demo and read all of the lyrics. Look for a debut EP soon called Do the Drool - easily one of my most highly anticipated punk releases of 2017!

Nervous Triggers on YouTube

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