Friday, September 16, 2016

The New Frustrations have a Bandcamp!

Hey! I've got something really great for you today! Thanks to the modern miracle of streaming music, I'm re-encountering beloved releases of yore that I feared were gone forever. When I found out that The New Frustrations had put their existing catalog up on Bandcamp, I literally screamed for joy. A decade ago, I viewed this Massachusetts-based band as the best thing going in all of music. Formed from the ashes of criminally underrated '90s punk greats The johnnies, The New Frustrations were the best parts of power pop and '70s punk rolled together in a manner reminiscent of classic Boston bands like the Dogmatics, Neighborhoods, Real Kids, and Outlets. Their demo, titled The Canton Sessions, absolutely floored me when I first heard it ten years ago. Listening to it again today, I totally get why I made such a fuss over this thing! It totally holds up, and now you can download it for any price of your choosing. A band made up of several talented singers and songwriters (including the late, great Mike Scagliarini), The New Frustrations were modest in calling The Canton Sessions a "demo". Each of the five original tracks could have been a single in its own right - and "Way Out" was in fact re-recorded for the band's 2007 debut 7" Power Pop Rocks. The 7", like the demo, is a name your price download over at Bandcamp. All of this music has been re-released in anticipation of a brand new EP from The New Frustrations due out this fall. These guys are the best dudes, and new music from them will put a perfect cap on what has been another tremendous year for power pop. Check out the tunes and stay tuned for more!


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Fred said...

Interesting, hadn't heard of the New Frustrations before but I checked out both tunes listed here and like them both (especially 'Changed My Mind'). I'll keep my eyes open for the EP.