Monday, March 14, 2016

The Loblaws/Vista Blue split CD out now!

Update! Last month I featured some fantastic new recordings from the Nashville power pop band Vista Blue and mentioned that they were slated to appear a split CD with The Loblaws (Mike and Todd Patton's band pre Vista Blue). I am very happy to announce that the digital album is now out on Radiant Radish Records - with a CD release expected in May. All in all, you get seven Loblaws songs, four Vista Blue songs, and three Loblaws songs recorded by Vista Blue. The Loblaws were one of the best pop-punk bands around circa the late 2000s (the unreleased "Banana Stand", included here, is a lost classic of the genre). F & L favorite Wyatt Funderburk was in the band, and he has songwriting credits on three of these tracks. While this release is technically a split between two different bands, it flows like a single album. You get to hear the subtle evolution of Mike Patton as a songwriter. The Loblaws, heavily influenced by both the modern alt-pop of Weezer and the harmonies of early rock n' roll, were by no means a generic pop-punk band. And I'd describe Vista Blue as a power pop band that very much embraces its pop-punk roots. Simply put, you should buy this album if you like pop! It celebrates the legacy of one band while declaring a bright future for another. And a $6 download for a collection this good is a downright steal! Stay tuned to Vista Blue's Facebook page for further news on the CD release!


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