Tuesday, January 19, 2016

More from Impo & The Tents!

If you read my review of Impo & The Tents' latest LP, you know I'm crazy for these Swedish ambassadors of powerpop/punk. Again working with Alien Snatch Records, the band has released a follow-up EP called Anxious Times that picks up right where that last album left off. And you know what that means: fast, catchy, and unstoppably exuberant pop songs that will put a huge smile on your face and have you dancing around the house like a child on a sugar binge. Why mess with a winning formula? As always, these gentlemen hit that Dickies/Undertones/Pointed Sticks sweet spot right on target. And I love the added '80s new wave vibe that comes from Lars' peppy organ work. The first two tracks here are pure dizzying fun (how about those harmonies on "Do The Things You Wanna Do"?!). Then on the back end, the band takes the foot off the pedal a little and really shows off its songwriting chops. "Summer's End" is exactly what the title suggests - a throwback to '60s surf & pop with just a touch of melancholy to it. Barracudas fans, take note! And to close out the record, "Stay The Night" is pretty much perfect power pop. What a damn fine EP! If you love powerpop/punk the way I do, you need to get your mitts on Anxious Times (along with all of Impo & The Tents' stuff)!



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