Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jabronis hit the road!

Jabronis have a new album out?! It seems like it was just yesterday that I reviewed their first one! Actually it was seven months ago, but I'm still amazed at the rate these guys churn out top-notch Ramones-core. I think one of the biggest misconceptions in music is that "simple" songs are easy to write.

With Ramones-core, the biggest stylistic question a band faces is which particular era to emulate. For the most part, Jabronis remain purists and stick with the early Ramones formula on new album Hit The Road. And they're very good at it - bashing out perfectly executed facsimiles of Ramones classics with titles like "I Don't Wanna Remember Anything" and "Now I Wanna Hear Some Good News". But whereas last year's On The Ropes was Ramones-core by the book, I can definitely hear some modest progression on this record. Seven of the twelve tracks actually exceed the two minute mark. And you can't say that every song sounds the same. "I Wanna Walk You Downtown" and "I Can Make It Alright" embrace a poppier Road To Ruin type sound. And the ripping "Mercenary" surely has Dee Dee nodding in approval from the great beyond. I like that a couple tracks really stand out on their own - meaning that they'd still be good outside the context of straight Ramones imitation. If I heard "This Isn't My Life" on a mixed tape or on the jukebox at a pizza joint, I'd be like, "Hey! That's a really good song!"

How long can Jabronis keep this up? And what will they do to try and top what they've already done? I'm sure we'll have answers in less than a year!



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