Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Corner Boys - B-Sides

The good news is that we have more new music from Corner Boys. The bad news is that this is the last music we will ever get from Corner Boys! The Vancouver trio has called it a day after releasing two great singles and an LP (one of this year's best!). As a parting gift, the band has released outtakes from the Just Don't Care and Waiting For 2020 recording sessions as a free digital EP on its Bandcamp page. The minute you push play, it will be evident why this was one of my favorite bands of recent years. "Deadbeat Heart"  and "Speed Dial Love" are quintessential cuts of poppy old school punk that are the closest thing to The Simpletones this world has heard in 40 years. "Echo Beach", of course, is a punked-up cover of Martha and the Muffins' 1980 smash. "I'm Not Sorry" seems an appropriate way for Corner Boys to bow out - with great vigor and without apology. These tracks may all be B-sides, but they are anything but second rate. If you still have not checked out Waiting For 2020, I urge you to do so as soon as possible. It's a phenomenal album. Thanks for the great music, guys!


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