Friday, July 22, 2016

New Lovesores 10-inch!

How do they do it?! The Lovesores, the reigning kings of full-fury punk rock n' roll, keep blowing me away with every new record they make. It's got to be hard to start at such a high level yet somehow find a way to continually raise the bar. But we are talking about a true force of nature! Rock and Roll Animal, the band's sixth release to date, is easily the best thing it's turned out yet.

Out today on Germany's Hound Gawd! Records, Rock and Roll Animal is already the third 10-inch record in The Lovesores' discography. Clearly they love this format, and with good reason! A ten-inch gives you a little more than a 7-inch - but with the same all-killer, no-filler quality standard. Hell, "all-killer, no-filler" might as well be The Lovesores' motto! I've never heard a sub-par track from this band, and this time they've come through with four more songs that could have been formidable singles in their own right. Scott "Deluxe" Drake - already a hall of fame punk howler - has never sounded better. Saul Koll and Thee Adam Kattau have quickly blossomed into one of the hottest guitar tandems out there - a true modern day Thunders/Sylvain or Kramer/Smith. Boz Bennes and Alex Fast make up the kind of rock solid rhythm section that's the backbone of any truly great rock n' roll band. Stylistically, there are no surprises here. This is The Lovesores doing what they do best: filthy and ferocious '70s punk sleaze forged from the fire of the original era of rock n' roll. Drake brings it on lead vocals with a conviction and urgency that put men half his age to shame. And who wouldn't be excited to sing rock n' roll songs with a band this electrifying backing him?! Simply put, Rock and Roll Animal kicks all kinds of ass! The title track is the perfect way to start off the EP - bringing New York Dolls inspired trashy goodness that's impossible to resist. It's got a great sing-along chorus, and that lead guitar work just smokes! If you're craving something harder and meaner, "The Erotic Adventures of Coca-Cola Jones" is a fast and furious shot of fireball rock n' roll that's over before you even know what hit you. "This Wicked World" is a '77 style head-bobber that showcases Koll and Kattau as a dual guitar force to be reckoned with. And to finish, "When The Lights Go Out" is what you might call "vintage" Scott Drake - a sleazy mid-tempo number bridging the gap between the degenerate ferocity of the Dead Boys and the Rolling Stones at their grittiest. What's not to love?!

If you're a Lovesores fan, this latest slab of vinyl is everything you're hoping for and then some. And if you're not a Lovesores fan, then what in the hell is wrong with you?! Order Rock and Roll Animal on blue or black vinyl from the Hound Gawd shop!


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