Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Dahlmanns goodies!

I have a special affection for The Dahlmanns because I reviewed them on the day this blog debuted: June 9, 2011. The group describes its sound as "mixing the Ramones with bubblegum, glam, and 60's girl band pop", and that's totally dead-on. Shockingly, it's been over three years since I last posted on this wonderful band out of Norway. Today I thought it would be nice to update you on a couple of new Dahlmanns releases that you should buy immediately. Ghost Highway Recordings has released the band's smash hit "He's A Drag" on vinyl. You may recall that this Kurt Baker-penned gem was a Coolest Song In The World last year on Little Steven's Underground Garage. It's now available as a 7" record backed by a fantastic cover of the New York Dolls' classic "Teenage News". It's limited to 250 hand-numbered copies, so move fast if you want one!

Also new from The Dahlmanns is a single on Pop Detective Records called "Girl Band". You can order it today from CD Baby. The A-side is an original song written by Michael Chaney from The New Trocaderos. One thing I've always respected about The Dahlmanns is that they have no objections to playing other people's songs. They are secure enough in their songwriting talents to not turn down opportunities to record amazing songs. Having already worked with incredible songwriters like Baker and Andy Shernoff, now they give one of Chaney's tunes the full-on Dahlmanns treatment. And, man, they totally kill it! "Girl Band" is exactly what you'd expect from a collaboration between The Dahlmanns and Michael Chaney: harmony-laden power pop rock n' roll with clever lyrics and a million dollar hook. Line delivers her usual outstanding vocal performance, and I like how the synths give the song an unmistakable '80s new wave feel. That sensibility continues with a super awesome cover of Men Without Hats' 1987 chart hit "Pop Goes The World" (ahh, high school memories!). I really like the original, but I love The Dahlmanns' version! 

Straight-up, The Dahlmanns are one of the best bands out there. Their music brings joy into the world, and they'd be huge if there were any justice. Check out these new singles along with everything else they've ever released! 


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